The Butcher

What Do You See When You See a Play?

After the first preview performance of THE BUTCHER, when the talkback was over and the audience had largely dispersed, a woman approached me. She was trembling a bit, but she waited patiently for a chance to speak with me alone. She wouldn’t take her eyes off me—her intensity was more than a bit intimidating—and as I perched on the edge of the stage, chatting with the last few well-wishers, I worried about what

Storming the Court

Two days ago, the University of Maryland’s men’s basketball team — for which I’ve been rooting my entire life — upset Wisconsin in an important home game. Immediately after the victory, fans stormed the court to celebrate. As those things go, it was a peaceful expression of joy: no one got hurt, nothing was damaged, and that was that. But the subject became a matter of some debate the ne
Gwydion in the Russian Lounge


As I’ve started to get deeper and deeper into the development of my new solo performance piece for The Welders, I’ve felt this urge to invite people into the fretful, revelatory process of being a writer: to show, for the record, a bit of what it actually looks like to live and tell stories, at least from my perspective, in the 21st century. So for the time being, while I’m working on that still-unt

Angry Birds and Airplane Daydreams

My four year-old son loves to play Angry Birds. Actually, to be perfectly clear, what he loves is to watch me play Angry Birds for him, given that he can’t quite manipulate the little slingshot well enough on his own yet. We cuddle up together on our favorite red love seat, my iPad held carefully between us, and I fling birds while he cheers me on. He knows which birds have which special powers, of course, and

Science in the Theater

Science has been much on my mind of late, thanks to a visit I made not long ago (with a dozen or so other playwrights and theater makers) to the National Institutes of Health. Three hours considering the potential intersections between genomics, bioethics, medicine, and storytelling with some of the most accomplished scientists and artists in the country was invigorating and inspiring… but it also left me with questi